Steps for Cleaning Your Car Engine Precisely

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April 15, 2022
engine wash with pressure washer

The Best Mobile Auto Detailing covers both the interior and exterior parts of your car. Many people take it as a DIY job and do it at their home although it is a time-consuming job.

Steps To Clean Your Car Engine

For example, a car engine is one of the most important parts of a vehicle that accumulates oil and road grime on the engine parts and components. The process of engine detailing is all about cleaning the engine’s exterior part & compartment and applying dressing to guard and revamp the engine. Although it is not a difficult task, you should know the process.

Engine detailing- You need to eliminate the surplus debris from your hood, grille, and vent openings. Use a simple hand brush in order to remove old leaves and dust. Get your engine ready for wet. Before that, you should cover all sensors, the distributor, spark plug openings, and other electrical devices.

Degreasing- Then you should also apply a degreaser but do not use harsh petroleum-based cleaners. You can start it from the lower areas and work your way up. Allow it to soak on the engine for 3 to 5 minutes, but don’t let it dry on the surface. Agitate the grease with a soft to medium bristle brush to break up the grime.

A thorough Cleaning- Perhaps, you are wondering if can you pressure wash your car engine. It involves high-pressure jets of water to perform easily and quickly. Of course, it can be effortlessly cleaning your car’s hood.

When it comes to a car engine, incorporates machinery, pistons, cylinders, ignition coils, connecting rods, spark plugs, etc. Thus it is a complicated part to handle. You should properly clean it as well as follow the instructions and different settings. Make sure the engine is in a cool state while cleaning.

Using a pressure washer is easier and saves time. It can help you in cleaning your car engine carefully and competently. Instead, you can go with a lightweight pressure washer hose attachment for better results. Different sorts of pressure washers are available to choose from.

In addition, it can clean your car engine quickly. Even though engine cleaning is a complex and time-consuming job, you can take advantage of a pressure washer. It can easily loosen grease and dirt deposits from the unreachable areas of an engine too.

Apply for protection- Do not forget to apply a coating of engine protestant. Alternatively, you can also opt for rubber and vinyl protectant to coat your car’s hoses, wires, and plastic shields. Also, utilize a premium detailing spray for quick shine and protection.

Do you know using a high-pressure wash can also harm the engine parts and some cleaning agents are unsuitable, as well as it consumes a lot of water? Especially, if the engine is an older version, it needs the utmost care.

Therefore, it is better to hire a professional and Best Mobile Auto Detailing service provider. They use QUALITY CAR WASH TOOLS, and HIGHLY-TRAINED STAFF to provide FAST & EFFECTIVE SERVICE. Well, J&J Mobile Auto Detail is more than a car wash. We provide the best Auto detail for your vehicle.

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